Friday, 13 May 2016

8 Google searchengine useful tips for beginners.

               Google is the large part of our Internet world.It has multiple websites ,that are very useful in our everyday life.As a beginner you have to know some tips about google search engine.

1.Google earth :

                             Google earth is a 3D-earth model.It's look like exact earth view from space. Even buildings,Mountains ,poles,Road ways.You can view every place on earth.It's totally works like as google maps. It's available in three  forms such as software ,Web and Mobile app.

2.Google Moon  and Google Mars :

Google moon is the view of moon in 3-D.You an serf any place on moon and you would know Moon Landing.It's really amazing if you interested in space.Same as mars also 3D view. See ones it's really amazing.

3.Google Sky :

                     Do you see sky view in google .In this you can see so many places in sky 3D. You can see Solar system ,Galaxies ,Hubble pictures etc

Tip: If you download google earth software  above all are available in it.

4.Google Calculator :

                      Google search engine providing a scientific calculator. You can simply enter numbers in search box or type calculator in google search then enter and results will be obtain.

5.Google Weather :

            If you want to know weather results ,simply type weather in search box and enter then it shows your city weather condition. or type "zip code space weather" and enter  then it shows weather news of the city.

             You convert updated money conversion easy by using this tool. Just type Money converter in search box and enter, It  shows two boxes. or type two currencies in search box then enter shows results.

7. Google translate :

                Google another advantage is translation of one language into another language . It's very easy just enter google translate in search box then you will see two is for one language and another is for another language.

8.Specific stuff:
                  After enter your word or site name or specific line in google search box you will find many search results.But all are may or may not be reach to your search one.In google search we have some tips for know specific word site or specific file or title etc.......
 For know specific website --- "".    
                                 for example " " and enter.

 For know specific file ----"example:file type"         
                                  for example "science:pdf"  , "science:txt"

For  specific word ----------- "inurl:yourword".           
                                  for example "inurl:science"

For specific title   -------------"intitle:your title"            
                                  for example "intitle:science"

For related websites"   
                                  for exaple   ""



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